Don your robes, gather your text books and take your seats.

Your first lesson in Magical Mixology is about to begin...


Stir, shake and sip your way

to a mastery of potions

with our selection of

Conjure It Yourself cocktails.

Or sit back and relax

with one of our pre-made

Sippable Spells.

Click here for a peak at the menu

Perilous Potions caters to

Wizards & Witches

of all Capabilities, as long as

you are over 18!

Potions are priced individually

with no up front costs.

Secure your seat

using the booking form below...

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Opening Hours


Monday:              Closed

Tuesday:              Closed

Wednesday:    1pm - 10am

Thursday:     1pm - 10am

Friday:        1pm - 10am

Saturday:     12pm - 10am

Sunday:       12pm - 10am

Find us in the Edinburgh Arches

27 East Market Street

Edinburgh, EH8 8FS

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