Don your robe,

gather your text books

  and take your seats.

Your first lesson in

Magical Mixology

is about to begin...

Stir, shake and sip your way

to a mastery of potions with our selection

of Conjure It Yourself cocktails.

From the scintillatingly soothing

Glacio Ardetium, to the deviously 

difficult Confuddling Concoction.

Our class caters to wizards and witches of all capabilities, 

so long as you're over 18!



Following a complete revamp of ourArchway on East Market Street

Perilous Potions will be making it's grand return!

We don't have exact launch dates just yet,

but please be patient, something wicked this way comes 

and as soon as the owl arrives you'll be the first to know.

In the meantime, you can find us below Nightcap,

on York Place, hunting monsters with our brand new

Blood & Wine menu, inspired by The Witcher!

Check it out!

Blood & Wine Witcher Vector.png