How many Walkers have you killed?

How many people have you killed?


Nowadays, every time you step outside you risk your life.

We've fought, scraped and scavenged to build a menu inspired by some of the greatest moments from both The Walking Dead TV and Comic book series,

so that we can prepare you for whats out there.

This is how we SURVIVE.


There's us and the dead. The only way we get through this is by pulling together.
Join us as we fight the walking dead with a drink in hand. 
We've stockpiled a huge selection of beers, spirits, cocktails and rations for you to enjoy.
and no, we won't be serving no damn peach schnapps.

We HAVE BEEN  overrun and do not currently have a sanctuary.

but keep an eye on our social media for uPDATES ON SURVIVE


SURVIVE is IN NO way AFFILIATED with AMCs The Walking Dead TV show or Robert Kirkmans The Walking dead comic book series. We are inspired by a love for these great works of entertainment.